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Going the distance to be part of the change we want to see in the world.
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“The end of poverty will be found at the intersection of business opportunity and social responsibility.” - Chad Jordan, Shut Up & Give?
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SHUT UP & GIVE? A journey around the world to discover sustainable solutions to global poverty. A shift in our approach is needed…
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Mobile library project in Honduras.
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Microfinance bank in Tanzania to provide local widows with the opportunity to create an income stream for themselves and their families.
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Sustainable water project in the remote northern region of Ghana.
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Business development/community outreach project in Zambia for those living with HIV/AIDS.
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Helping you build a solid foundation to achieve sound impact.


Using outside-the-box, business-driven strategies as a means to catalyze sustainable change around the globe.


Arrow Global Capital – an impact investing platform mobilizing idle capital in support of emerging market entrepreneurs.

#WeAreGlobalDev blog series.