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Going the distance to be part of the change we want to see in the world.
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“The end of poverty will be found at the intersection of business opportunity and social responsibility.” - Chad Jordan, Shut Up & Give?
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SHUT UP & GIVE? A journey around the world to discover sustainable solutions to global poverty. A shift in our approach is needed…
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Mobile library project in Honduras.
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Microfinance bank in Tanzania to provide local widows with the opportunity to create an income stream for themselves and their families.
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Sustainable water project in the remote northern region of Ghana.
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Business development/community outreach project in Zambia for those living with HIV/AIDS.
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"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."
- Albert Einstein


Helping to solve some of the biggest issues facing our time using outside-the-box, business-driven strategies.


Researching the linkages/commonalities between for-profit & non-profit ventures with the goal of positioning them to work together more effectively through partnerships.

Incubating a finance model (focusing on idle capital) to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in underserved nations – Arrow Global Capital.

Business + Social Good campaign & #bizsogood14 contest to contribute to the conversation about business as a tool for social impact.

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CStone Interns & #MicrofinanceCanBe

We’re participating in Month of Microfinance’s #MicrofinanceCanBe campaign — check it out & get involved! We’d love to hear what you think microfinance can be…


Progress & the new US Global Development Lab

It is well understood that the general discourse surrounding aid and the developing world can be pretty bleak, especially considering the methods in which some non-profits go about seeking donations.  At Cornerstone International, though, we think it’s important take a step back and celebrate the progress that has been achieved by countless organizations all around the world.  The truth is, we now live in a time where a world without extreme poverty is within reach.

According to Rajiv Shah, administrator at USAID, in a two decade time span (1990-2010), the number of children in school rose to nearly 90 percent, and around two billion people gained access to clean water.  Child mortality rates have fallen by 47 percent and poverty rates by 52 percent.  In 2005, for the first time on record, poverty rates began falling in every region of the world, including Africa. The proof lies in the numbers; extreme poverty is being driven out, and a proverbial house, whose foundation lies in broad-based economic growth and transparent democratic governance, is slowly being constructed from the ground up.

Governments, companies, and foundations have a clearer roadmap than ever as to how we can eradicate extreme poverty, and just this month the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) launched a new contributor to this path.  The U.S. Global Development Lab is meant to be a headquarters for creative design and massive collaboration to set the new standard for development.  The lab brings “together a diverse set of partners from both public and private sectors together to discover, test and scale breakthrough solutions to achieve what human progress has only now made possible – the end of extreme poverty by 2030.”  Rooted in the application of science, technology, innovation, and these partnerships, the new Global Development Lab will aim to discover, incubate, and initiate breakthroughs in areas like water, maternal and child health, food security and nutrition, energy, education, and financial inclusion.

Buzz and excitement surrounding the launch of this new lab is widespread throughout the development community, in both the public and private sectors.  Creating a sustainable future for every single one of us is an incredibly lofty goal, but this is the kind of teamwork and institution building that can indeed make it happen.  We hope this recent launch will increase and continue momentum surrounding the field and help drive creative solutions and even more innovation moving forward.  It is definitely something to get excited about.

Watch the video below for a brief introduction to the Lab by USAID, then let us know your own thoughts.


–Dakota Horn, Intern


YouTube Tuesday: Shameless Internship Promo

It may be a bit late in the semester for current intern Dakota’s “mid-semester” observations, but we figured it’s still appropriate since there are only THREE DAYS left until the summer 2014 internship application is DUE! Whoa boy.

Enjoy! Get your apps in by Friday, April 18 to We’re excited to see what amazing ideas and exciting innovations our new class of interns will bring over the summer!